About us


About Swenam

Swenam is an Educational Canadian Corporation based in the province of British Columbia in Canada. We have been providing the best educational and consultation services since 2014 to students at universities, colleges and schools. Swenam helps students all over the world to come and study in Canada. Our team will help you with everything on your educational journey and after graduation too. If we get you admitted at any institution in Canada, after your graduation you become a Swenam Alumni as well as your institution alumni. You then get to enjoy the Alumni benefits with Swenam different Alumni programs.


Why Swenam

Swenam has an outstanding team of professionals that work together to provide you with the best service to help you achieve your goals and reach your dreams. What makes Swenam stand out ?

You tell us what your dream is, what your budget is, and we take care of the rest.

Our Vision and Mission

Education is the right for everyone, we believe that every student deserves a better education. We get you ready for the next step. Our education is so important! We want to be here for your every step of the way. Our education consultants will work with you and your family to take you to the next step on your educational journey. Our aim is to help students realize their roles as productive members of their communities. We believe that it is never too late to achieve your goals. Every day is a new start, every morning is a new opportunity, we are capable of achieving anything we want if we really want.

Our Values

We believe that education is the keystone in improving the world around us and building a better future for everyone, therefore we commit to our core values of :

  • Excellency
  • Efficiency
  • Creativity
  • Honesty
  • Loyalty
  • Reliability
  • Compassion

Partner with us:


We help you achieve your key recruitment objectives throughout our collaboration. With our professional admission team and our central multi-step admission system, we match high quality students to your institution and programs.

Our partners get to benefit from our amazing diverse multi-cultural students from all over the world. For institutions who want to partner with Swenam Corporation, please email us at info@swenamcanada.ca

Agents and Companies:

For agents and companies who want to partner with Swenam Corporation, please email us at info@swenamcanada.ca